Azmavet Alfonso


Azmavet is a 24 year old Hispanic college student from Miami, FL. She owns 5 dogs, 5 snakes (ball python), and 1 cat.

She has seen many stray animals that are so loving killed because they have no food nor shelter, which led her to open Save The Strays In Miami.

Her goal is to protect all strays from hunger and shelter them until they find a loving home. Love is so important. Everyone deserves to be loved!


Greshawnda Vera


Greshawnda is a 24 year old college student who once dreamt of becoming a veterinarian, but could not bare the sight of hurting a soul.

The love of her life is her very first furry child, Baby Bartholomew; whom she rescued 6 years ago from the streets of Miami Gardens.

He has been by her side all these years, come what may. She wants to be able to help as many more strays as God grants her and will take care for each and every one of them, as her own!